Thermal paper introduction

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1. What’s the Difference Between Thermal Paper and Regular Paper?

Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is different from the regular bond paper in that it’s coated with a mixture of dye and chemicals. When heated above the melting point, the dye reacts to the chemicals causing a shift to a colored form (typically black but occasionally blue or red). The print head in the machine is able to heat the correct areas of the paper, making it legible.

Thermal paper contains three layers, although you wouldn’t notice by looking at it.

Component of Thermal Paper

The substrate layer is basically just the paper.

The base layer acts as a binding element made from starches, gelatin, and alkali salts. This layer allows the heat to move through the paper.

The active layer contains the chemicals that make the paper react to heat.

An additional protective layer helps prevent the paper from fading. Not all thermal papers contain this layer.

How to Identify?

You can notice some differences in the feel of the paper. Thermal rolls have an almost slick surface and can be hard to write on with a pen, whereas regular paper rolls feel like ordinary copy paper. Since the dye appears with heat, the swipe of a fingernail can produce a black mark on the surface of thermal paper.

2. Can You Use Thermal Paper in a Normal Printer?

Printing thermal papers on a normal printer is not advisable. Thermal printer is made to work on thermal printers which use heat. So, it might not bring the same quality results if you printed it on non-thermal printers. The same principle applies for regular papers to thermal printers.

3. How to Measure Thermal Paper Roll Size?

Knowing the correct paper roll size is the first step to start your paper roll business. If you know the model of your receipt printer, you can simply Google about the receipt printer model or ask your paper supplier, you can usually get exactly what products (paper rolls, printer ribbons, cleaning supplies, etc) are compatible.

In case the way doesn’t work out, you can measure the paper roll size


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